A simple, strong materials rack for the workshop


I like to keep my materials up and outta the way, mostly because I am a procrastinator and don’t get to things right away (I’ve been thinking about changing, but…. I haven’t gotten to it yet).

I wanted something simple and durable. So I just picked up a few 3/4″ pipe flanges, a few sections of 3/4″ x 12″ pipe, and a few caps. I didn’t want to wait until I could get some pipe insulation because in addition to being a procrastinator, I’m also impatient (which means I can’t wait to stop procrastinating), so I opted to repurpose a pool noodle with a coordinating color for the purpose.


I just cut this to lenght with my pocket knife, cut a slit down the middle, then secured each pipe flange to a stud using one 3-1/2″ exterior grade screw and one 4 1/2″ lag screws (that I already had). I wouldn’t try to hoist an engine off of these, but they seem plenty strong for holding misc materials.


One note: I would recommend cleaning the pipes off with a good degreaser prior to use, it will make for much less mess and grime.


Talenti – The best gelato for your home workshop


Yeah, you read that right! Gelato for the workshop! Well… sorta anyway.

We are big suckers for a good gelato, and especially for our favorite brand of gelato,  Talenti Gelato. (Twitter: )

Aside from having some of the creamiest, tastiest, most awesome and pleasure-inducing gelato around, you get a pretty nifty and surprisingly durable and useful container that is perfect for your workshop (or sewing nook, barn, garage, etc)

They’re excellent for small parts, screws, nicknacks, and those pesky other random things you can’t usually find a home for.

So do yourself and the ones you love (and your workshop) a favor and go get some. You’ll enjoy eating it and have a useful storage container when you’re through!